Project: The PAE Presentation Contest

how leading by example can succeed

The Professional Academic English (PAE) Presentation Contest

(October 2012 to February 2017)

Leadership is actually a process, not a position. You don’t have to hold a formal leadership role to be a leader.


CEO and President; Director of Learning & Development; Chair & Core Faculty; author; Certified Life Coach, Andreatta Consulting;; Antioch University


In addition to the UBC master’s projects, I have undertaken a number of other work-related projects that demonstrate my leadership style. As noted in the resume appendices, I enjoy presenting, facilitating workshops, and conducting training sessions that “engage people and help them to function more effectively” .  In addition to that relatively overt approach to leadership, I am also capable of using the “leading by example” or “Lone Ranger” method , as shown in this brief video reflection:


A Live Embed of The Actual PAEPC Project

 The following section uses a simple iframe to feed the original Presentation Contest site to this page:



In addition to providing exemplary videos and Presentation Contest information, the early PAEPC Project also made use of Google Forms to provide students with opportunities to review the work of their peers and become more familiar with the rubrics that would be used to evaluate their own work. The video on the right provides details about how this works and the Integrating Technology with Learning section of this ePortfolio gives more details and a live link to an example.