abilities, knowledge areas, skill sets, etc.

Integrating Technology with Learning

  • Use best practices and appropriate technologies in face-to-face, blended, and online environments to engage learners
  • Make efficient use of Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Canvas, BlackBoard, etc.) for secure online teaching and learning.
  • Expertise includes professional multimedia production, including camera work, sound editing, voiceovers, digital storytelling, video editing, and New Media to engage learners.
  • Well informed on current research and emerging technologies that are applicable to innovative and engaging learning activities

Collaboration and Project Management

  • Competent at managing time, multitasking, meeting deadlines, dealing with unexpected issues, and providing motivation in busy environments.
  • Able to collaborate, compromise, and communicate effectively with exceptional oral, written, and digital communication skills.
  • Adept at assessing needs, mentoring/coaching others, demonstrating policies, procedures and new information, and sharing helpful feedback
  • Capable of building positive relationships with clients, SME’s, colleagues, and stakeholders by embracing both similarities and differences, working respectfully towards common goals – and achieving them.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Analyze and assess complex issues that involve various technical, organizational, and cultural aspects from a variety of perspectives
  • Accurately evaluate technologies, courses, and programs with well conceived assessments and be prepared to make changes, when necessary.
  • Apply advanced trouble-shooting and logical problem solving skills to support tactical and strategic planning.
  • Consider all valid arguments, craft informed decisions, make recommendations, accept responsibility and give recognition to others, as warranted.

Research and Written Communication

  • Able to plan, develop and implement useful research initiatives and assessments with appropriate research questions and methodologies.
  • Consistently exercises ethical judgment to maintain the highest standards of security and privacy among all study participants.
  • Capable of collecting data, analyzing results, producing excellent analytical & technical documentation based on qualitative & quantitative research.
  • Highly skilled with document searching, word processing, citation referencing, mind mapping, social media, data analysis, and presentation tools.

Reflecting on 16 years of ePortfolios